Explore Poland.

Explore Poland - a Hyperlapse Journey is a flow motion video, that shows you my country at it's 100 Anniversary of Independence.

Aedan. Le Temps.

Aedan - Le Temps (Official Music Video).

Bas. Fragrance ft Correy C.

A fragmented tale of a clinger. Inspired by David Hockney's photo joiner series.

The Kimberley. Australia.

THE Kimberley. One of the last true untouched wilderness areas of the world. 


The anxious feeling of something non-intelligence thats coming close to us as we got away from ourselves. 

Wow Tapes. Italia.

The place we live everyday, the very same one that slaps us in the face everytime we take a step outside of home, the one we can't get enough of.


Video World Selection. Ideas created for your entertainment . Always look for updates.  

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