A young woman follows a trail of colored threads that leads deep into a dark forest, untangling them as she goes, hoping to find answers to her lingering fears. Production: Around Midnight.


Concept and direction: Jodeb.

Eddy De Pretto - Random.

While imagining this film, there were 2 main things we wanted to explore with Eddy. The first one was the concept of being trapped. It was definitely related to our society today: almost everyone is trapped behind his screen, addicted.


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With automation disrupting centuries-old industries, the professional must reshape and expand their service to add value.

La Cathédrale.

The Cathedral is a small exploration of the Cathedral of Chartres where music, sounds and images meet.

Drawn & Recorded: Teen Spirit

Find out how the scent of a woman inspired Kurt Cobain to write an anthem for the ages.

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